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The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and nodes (or glands) that lie superficially within the skin. Swelling can occur when these vessels become blocked and the body loses a vital means of ridding itself of the toxins and excess water.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) stimulates the vessels through extremely gentle pressure encouraging the vessels to open. It helps the immune system work efficiently to ward off illness and boost circulation.


lymphatic system

Some conditions that may benefit from MLD are:

·   the appearance of cellulite (with regular sessions)

·   Migraines

·   Stress anxiety and tension

·   Sinus problems

·   Hay fever and other allergies


MLD is also recommended for people who:

·   suffer regularly from colds or who take a long time to recover

·   lead a sedentary lifestyle

·   wish to reduce puffiness or swelling in areas such as the lower leg, ankles and around eyes

·   have low energy

·   are about to or have just had a long haul flight




Initial appointments for male clients are accepted at the Odiham Health Centre only

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