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- Keep moving - Avoid time off -
You don't have to participate in sport to benefit from Sports Massage!

Muscles and other soft tissue can cause remarkable pain when not functioning correctly.  Sports massage uses deep pressure and stretching techniques and is not designed to relax but provide relief from pain in a specific area of the body.


muscles of the back shoulder and neck
hamstring massage

Ideal for treating:

Sports Injuries
Muscle Tension
Posture-related Problems
Persistent Pain in Everday Life

Sports Massage can help:

 • Headaches
 • Neck and shoulder pain
 • Upper/mid/lower back pain
 • Sciatic pain from tight muscles
 • Pain in ankles, knees, hips, wrists and elbows

knee massage

You may worry that Sports Massage hurts.  It can be uncomfortable but many people describe it as 'positive pain' and that you know it is helping relieve the tightness in the muscles.  A good therapist will warm the muscles first and build up to deeper pressure.  This massage involves communication between client and therapist to achieve the best results


Initial appointments for male clients are accepted at clinic venues only

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